Potts Locksmiths Services

Residence Locksmith Service

Need a lock replacing? Broke a key in your door? We can help with that!

Business Locksmith Service

Premises been broken into or vandalized? We can replace all locks and make sure they are up to industry standard.

Emergency Locksmith Service

Locked out of your home or car and need to be in asap? Give us a call!

Door Services

We fit and replace locks into all kinds of doors making your property extra safe!

Security Services

We are happy to offer our expert advice on how to prevent any burglaries and break-ins.

Key Cutting Services

We have the ability to cut keys on site. We have a state of the art cutting machine in our vans allowing us to cut your key for you, while you wait at your home or work.

Our Skills

We do our best to offer every service to help you when we can but we know our strengths and weaknesses and if something can't be done by us properly we will direct you to someone who can do it to make sure it is completed to a high standard.

Potts Locksmiths - Emergency Locksmith Services In Darlington

Where do our skills lie?

The below data is just a rough idea of what we can do and where our strengths lie. We know for example no one has 100% customer service skills as that is up to the customer to decide however we try our best and we're honest!

Lock Repairs100%
Key Cutting100%
Door Repairs95%
Security Assessments97%
Customer Service 99%

Manufacturers We Use

All the locks we supply can be fitted, replaced or repaired. We stock a wide range of both Cylinder and mortice locks at all times, any specialist locks or keys that we don't stock can be sourced by us as expert locksmiths.